Racking Solutions

A client needed to combine manufacturing lines from two different plants into a single plant, and called on ProBusS to disassemble, move, and reassemble all the pallet racks.

First, ProBusS project managers planned all moves and changes, and created a logistical plan for the least amount of plant downtime and parts handling. This also minimized the cost for the client.

Changing racks nearly always involves reconfiguration, and this project was no exception. ProBusS provided a customized racking solution to meet the client's needs for more storage in the same footprint.

Next, ProBusS professionals disassembled and examined the racking. Every component, from frames and beams to pallet supports and post protectors, was evaluated for structural integrity. Damaged components were recycled.

In the new plant, rack components were staged and reassembled, with extra components stored for future use.

Our client has a new pallet rack system that:

  • stands rock solid
  • provides more storage in a smaller footprint
  • loads and unloads easily
  • delivers long term performance