Plant/Machinery Relocation

Relocating an entire production facility is a tricky business. You need to minimize disruption to production, control moving and installation costs, and be up and running on time.

ProBusS took the challenge when a large West Michigan manufacturer needed to relocate a production plant of several hundred thousand square feet.

ProBusS provided a number of key services:

  • helped the client plan the process
  • budgeted materials and personnel
  • shut down and disconnected all machinery and equipment
  • coordinated with the heavy lift movers
  • installed air, electrical, and hydraulic lines
  • leveled all machines
  • fabricated and installed new guard rails
  • installed conveyors, overhead manipulators, and cranes

Simplifying the process for the client was key. ProBusS provided on-site project management and a single point of contact. Frequent, on-the-job communication made changes to the move as efficient as possible.

The plant was in production ahead of schedule.

As the plant manager summed it up: "ProBusS meets our high standards for professionalism, high quality service, and delivering on time and on budget."